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By Stan Kelly-Bootle

Publication by way of Kelly-Bootle, Stan, Fowler, Bob

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Our aim, therefore, is to give you some feel for the high lights of this remarkable fam ily, stressing those elements which relate to the central theme of our book, the M68000 instruction set. We will follow Motorola's official designations by referring to the family as M68000, reserving the MC prefix for a particular member of the family. So the MC68000 is a speCific MPU chip in the M68000 family. Rgure 2-4 gives a schematic overview of how the family members and support chips might be interconnected.

Momentartly pulsing the 5 (Set) and R (Reset) inputs in different ways causes 20 68000,68010, and 68020 Primer the tIM> output lines to flip-flop between 011 and 110 states. These states are remembered long after the input pulses have disappeared, so we have the basis for storing 1 bit per flip-flop, and the means of reading or writing its value. llTl as registers. SUMMARY OF GATES AND BINARY SUMS We have seen, in very general terms, that the basic logical operators, AND, OR, and NOT, and their compounds NAND, NOR, and EOR, all have silicon analogues called gates.

The modification is achieved by adding values (called segment identifiers) held in segmentation registers, and this can be done in such a wCty that the user's programs and data are kept apart, safe from other users. The advantages are the security and speed that arise from the use of short 16-bit addresses. The disadvantage is the overhead involved in checking and adding the segment identifiers. LINEAR MEMORY AND THE MMU (MEMORY MANAGEMENT UNIT) In the linear approach the programmer looks on memory as one long continuous addressing space from zero to the maximum possible address, addressed by means of a single number.

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