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By Frederic Perez-Alvarez, Carme Timoneda-Gallart

The elemental objective of this publication is to speak a brand new knowing of human behaviour by way of taking into consideration how either cognition and emotion exist at a neurological point. Neurological proof can now clarify how cognition and emotion paintings interactively. which means every time the mind is mentally working, either cognition and emotion are operating. the ultimate consequence of this inner job is/may be an exterior behaviour. during this experience, talking, interpreting, studying, consuming, melancholy, anxiousness, etc are all behaviours produced by way of imperative neurological mechanisms now we have been conscious of because the Nineteen Nineties. The neurological proof is predicated on numerous tools of research, one instance is the newest practical magnetic resonance in people. This publication provides an evidence of standard functionality to be through an evidence of dysfunctional behaviour.

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An experimental fact we know is that a psychostimulant works by producing 38 Frederic Perez-Alvarez and Carme Timoneda-Gallart wakefulness, concentration, and other "side effects" like anorexia as a consequence of alert alarm state. In the addictive state, deprivation is followed by fatigue, irritability, hyperactivity, tremor, anxiety, depression, and so on. Exactly, this constellation of manifestations match impulsive behaviors. In sum, this evidence has to do with the existence of a feed-back prefrontal - limbic system where the top - down control fails [Nestler, 2001].

28 Frederic Perez-Alvarez and Carme Timoneda-Gallart CEREBRAL NEOCORTEX COGNITIVE PROCESSING REST OF THE BODY TEMPORAL AMYGDALA FEAR/DANGER SENSIBILITY PROCESSING TÁLAMO SOMATIC - VISCERAL SENSIBILITY PROCESSING FEAR/DANGER SENSIBILITY PROCESSING Heavy black line represents amygdala reaction. Once the cortex received the delayed fearful information coming from the thalamus, the electrophysiologic activity of both the cortex and the amygdala did not change at all their electrophysiologic pattern of activity, which allows us to deduce not only that the cortex is not substantially influenced by the delayed information, but also that the cortex does not influence the amygdalar activity so triggered.

On the 24 Frederic Perez-Alvarez and Carme Timoneda-Gallart contrary, unconstructive, unreasonable, debilitating beliefs produce painful behaviors. For instance, beliefs like "smart people know everything, only dumb people have to ask questions", "smart people answer quickly", " giving some answer is better than saying, I don't know", "mathematics is something only a genius can comprehend", "mathematics is not supposed to make sense", and so on determine another kind of behavior. Constructive beliefs translate "can" whereas unconstructive beliefs do "can't".

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