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Sometimes these boycotts are turned into payoffs for elitist members and supporters of a self-imposed Black government that is not accountable to the people it purports to represent; therefore the name: BUM. Although the BUM enjoys media dominance over Black thought, it is a moral and intellectual disability. It is hard to explain in rational terms how a community that has equality as its goal clings to the tradition of a group of unaccountable and dictatorial grandees. The pretext for this oppressive conformity is group solidarity against racism.

The model for this group in terms of educational achievement and wealth was the original Talented Tenth, an upper crust of freeborn or newly freed “coloreds”—most of whom were racially mixed. In the 1920s, they numbered about ten thousand, or one in one thousand of the Black population. B. Du Bois at the beginning of this century. Unfortunately, as a result of their inbred elitism, many in today’s Black leadership confuse affirmative action with a meaningful program for the Black masses. Black elitism has never had much faith in the Black rank and file.

My Prodigal Son logic is that if you strengthen the worst team in the league, you strengthen the overall league. This means that the entire league becomes more competitive, because on any given day or night any team in the league can defeat any other team. A more competitive league increases consumer participation and media attention. The TV networks make more money from the advertisers because more people watch and attend the games, and the team owners increase their earnings; as a result, because the wealth of the league has grown, the players can successfully bargain for larger salaries.

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