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Download A Simplified Guide to BHS: Critical Apparatus, Masora, by William R. Scott, Hans Peter Ruger PDF

By William R. Scott, Hans Peter Ruger

This can be the most recent variation of a truly renowned handbook that's utilized in study rooms world wide to help scholars studying to learn the Hebrew Bible.

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Rome: Biblical Institute Press, 1971. Werner, E. "Masoretic Accents" in Interpreter's Dictionary of the Bible, Vol III. New York: Abingdon, 1962. Wickes, W. Two Treatises on the Accentuation of the Old Testament. New York: Ktav, 1970. Originally published in 1881 and 1887. Wonneberger, R. Understanding BHS: A Manual for the Users of Biblia Hebraica Stuttgartensia. Rome: Biblical Institute Press, 1984. Wurthwein, E. The Text of the Old Testament. Translated by E. F. Rhodes. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1979.

15) 5 THE ACCENTS GENERAL There are two accentual systems in the Hebrew Bible. Psalms, Proverbs and most of Job constitute the "Three Books" of poetry. " Accents serve three purposes. Primarily they are musical (or cantillation) marks, but they also indicate accentuation and semantic division. Pages 35-36 below discuss the musical values of the accents. This and the following two paragraphs discuss accentuation and semantic division. Although not properly accent marks, paseq, maqqep and metheg are related to the accent system in differing ways.

DIDO sum j'D'ttO,TttO=5 ÜD close, closely preceding or following Nplrí? , s gdlta') , Eccl 7:23 Lev 6:10 Gen 37:22 e ,pl09 f}1D=D'D j'plOQ 'DID . Q=i^D '31^9 UÍ>2 TH'ttN places in which is written n b l noK'l or similar , p109= plOQ , plOQ verse(s) 1'plDD Hüp»09 ,pOQ nKnQ=Br)Q />asé# (see p. 5) parasah, one of 54 sections of the Pentateuch (see p. 2) Gen 17:17 Ezra 6:9 Exod 21:7 INDEX OF THE SMALL MASORA flD ]'t32/9 nri9=riQ jt)p rig 'fill ills nun m w ~lp=p 1 49 indicates syllable is accented by pasta', patah vowel to be pronounced patah (vowel) s gdl (vowel) large letter sadeh description of the temple q re, to be read (instead of k tib, the written text).

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