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This significant reference quantity comprises 13 great subject matters, contributed via 9 best researchers (from 6 international locations around the globe (including contributions from Europe, Japan and the USA). components of insurance contain: process structure, layout, muddle and suppression, surveillance and artificial aperture radars, detection, rejection of jamming, objective id, phased and matched arrays, and radar sign processing. Contributions are entire mathematically and plenty of comprise exact appendices.

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Optimised Radar Processors - ISBN 9780863411182 ideas of Space-Time Adaptive Processing, third version - ISBN 9780863415661

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141) It can be shown that the empiric variance <7^= [I/(Nminimum variance. )2 is » tne unbiased estimator with In order to find the ML estimate of 0, let us maximise p(z\ 0) by equating to zero the derivative of its natural logarithm. 143) that is, the simple arithmetic mean of the samples (sample mean). The estimate does not depend on the noise variance O2. 144) so that, as is intuitive, the precision of the estimate is improved as TV increases. Let us now find the CRLB for the stated problem.

This function gives zero penalty if all the components of the estimation error are less than £, and penalty one in the opposite case (one component or more greater than e). t. 167) since an error occurs whenever one or more than one estimated component has an error greater than £. 168) and the first integral equals 1. 169) and to minimise the cost function it is necessary to choose p(6\z) as large as possible. 170) In practice, this estimator tends to maximise the a posteriori probability, and for this reason it is called the MAP estimator; it is also called the conditional mode estimator, because it leads to the maximum value of the PDF p(duc\z), that is the (conditional) mode.

157) it should be noted that O2CR(6) depends on the peak SNR R0 and on the number of observations. 158) When the pattern has a Gaussian shape (expr. 159) where, as before, K = 4 In 2, and where NB=0B/A0 the half-power beamwidth. 3 Bayes estimation methods In estimation theory there are no methods equivalent to Neyman-Pearson and MEP criteria, owing to the fact that we consider continuous variables, for which it is not possible to define probability values. Indeed, it is possible to define Bayesian approach methods, defining some 'cost functions' C(0\6) that assign a cost to each combination of'estimatedvalue/actual-value' for the unknown parameter.

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