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By Raoul A. Robinson

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CIP Centro Internacional de la Papa. Located in Lima, Peru, this is the international research centre for potatoes. This is one of the CGIAR research stations. Circadian rhythm Most living organisms have a twenty-four hour rhythm in various of their metabolic processes. This ‘circa-diem’ rhythm is apparently controlled by an internal biological clock which continues to function under artificial conditions of continuous day or night. However, the mechanism of this clock is not understood. Citrullus lanatus Water melon.

Caterpillar The juvenile instars of a butterfly or moth. Cauliflower See: Brassica oleracea. Cayenne pepper See: Capsicum spp. Ceiba pentandra Kapoc. A tropical tree that produces seed fibres with a superficial resemblance to cotton. The cottonlike hairs are water-resistant and very buoyant, and they are used mainly as filling for life-jackets. Kapoc is also used for sound and heat insulation. Unfortunately, the hairs cannot be spun to produce yarn and cloth; if they could, this tree would be a crop of major importance as it far out-yields cotton.

Breadfruit See: Artocarpus altilis. Bread wheat See: Triticum aestivum. Breakdown of vertical resistance A total, qualitative failure of vertical resistance resulting from a matching allo-infection. Being matched, the vertical resistance stops functioning, and it is said to have broken down. In a wild pathosystem, which has genetic diversity, breakdowns occur only in individual host plants. In a crop pathosystem, which has genetic uniformity, the breakdown involves the entire cultivar, because every allo-infection, from plant to plant within that crop, is a matching infection.

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