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By William Norman Grigg

Is America's center classification Doomed? for hundreds of years, America's thriving center type used to be the root of our liberties and the envy of the realm. yet now increasingly more debt-ridden americans locate themselves becoming a member of the "race to the bottom". around the kingdom, groups are reeling as production and hi-tech jobs are "outsourced" in a foreign country. or even as our state exports jobs that after opened the door to the center classification, we're uploading waves of unskilled immigrants, together with thousands of illegals. not America's protector, our political elite schemes to merge our state right into a continent-spanning socialist mega-state modeled after the eu Union. In America's Engineered Decline, investigative journalist William Norman Grigg unearths the typical threads binding those advancements jointly right into a innovative schedule. yet, as Grigg issues out, that subversive schedule should be defeated - if adequate americans will take part geared up, principled motion.

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Although they are remote from, and not accountable to, the people of the United States, NAFTA's regulatory bodies are very responsive to pressures applied by non-governmental organizations (NGOs). "4 In the case of NAFTA and similar "free trade" agreements, the role played by NGOs is to demand "upward harmonization" of international regulations — even as the NGOs pose as opponents of the trade pacts. The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), one of numerous activist groups headed by veteran leftist Ralph Nader, offers a good example of this process at work.

Among these "impediments" are the powers reserved to the states for the specific purpose of protecting the people against the encroachments of the central government. The distant, unaccountable bureaucrats seeking to absorb those powers certainly don't have our nation's best interests in mind. Exporting Jobs, Importing Workers Through the H-1B and L-1 visa programs, foreign non-immigrant specialty workers are permitted to work in the United States. As noted in Chapter One, these programs have been used to train the workforces of foreign competitors, thereby fueling the outsourcing of technical jobs overseas.

S. citizens, or residents of any other nation in this hemisphere; rather, it's intended to serve the interests of the political class. Free trade is an exchange of goods and services between two parties, unhampered by government intervention. Those involved in such transactions may be neighbors, citizens of the same country, or citizens of different countries. And in order for this exchange to occur, the benefits to each party must outweigh the costs — or else the transaction won't take place. Another significant benefit to genuine free trade is that it minimizes the role played by government — that is, coercion — in society.

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