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Of normal potassium hydroxide solution, warmed to 50-60 0 , and shaken with 23 cc of diethyl sulfate,* added in small portions, keeping the temperature within the limits indicated. It is of course necessary to protect the ammo group, otherwise this, too, will be alkylated, and acetylation is a very convenient method for this purpose, as the acetylamino group is unaffected by the conditions used in the reaction, and may be readily removed by saponification at a later stage. The temperature must be raised owing to the fact that diethyl sulfate is more inert than dimethyl sulfate, with which methylatjons can be carried out in the cold.

Of 1: 1 hydrochloric acid, the acetyl* Heidelberger and Jacobs, /. Am. Chem. Soc. 41, 1452 (1910). S6 ADVANCED LABORATORY MANUAL amino group thus splitting into acetic acid and the amine hydrochlonde, which separates on cooling. Enough water is added to dissolve this salt and the solution is then made strongly alkaline with sodium hydroxide and the liberated base is {shaken out with ether. The ethereal layer is dried over sodium sulfate or crushed sodium hydroxide, concentrated, and the residue distilled in vacuo.

30, 547 (1897); Kyra, J. prakt. Cham, [2] 55, 113 (1897). 48 ADVANCED LABORATORY MANUAL After preparing the o-nitrophenylarsonic acid (p 29) this modification may be tried instead of, or in addition to, the above preparation. In the case of arsonic acids the method is of particular utility in that it results only in the reduction of the nitro group, while stronger reduang agents reduce the arsonic acid group as well. C. Reduction with Sodium Amalgam.

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