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The fashion is sweet, however it used to be written ahead of the discharge of android 1.0, such a lot of examples do not relatively paintings. Very problematic while you're no longer skilled.

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You wouldn’t want your prank to misfire and alert the victim too early. Note In Android, features that are not documented well are very likely not finished. Because the documentation for receiving SMS messages is nearly nonexistent, you should expect some changes in how SMSs are processed. More than likely, the overall method should be similar, but it’s safe to assume that some of the details will change before the SDK reaches its final version. This example is more about learning how to use an intent receiver than it is about the particulars of text message communication.

A little further down is Emulator Control tab. This is where you’ll send the SMS message. Enter any phone number first, select SMS, type a test message, and hit Send. 24 Android Essentials You should, if you’ve set up your manifest correctly, see Eclipse switch back to the Debug perspective and halt on your newly set breakpoint. Note If nothing is happening, first make sure you’ve set the permissions correctly. If they’re not correct, you should see a failed permissions message go by on the bottom of the DDMS screen on the LogCat tab.

This might bug out your IDE when you reference it in your code for the first time. Never fear, though, because the first time you compile, all will be sorted out. Next, you tell the TextView to set its width to the width of its parent, in this case, the LinearLayout object. You tell it to let its height be bounded by the size of the text by using wrap_content for the layout_height parameter. You want the text to reside in the center of the screen, so you’ll use textAlign because you’ve set its width to be the entire screen.

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