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By Jerome A. Chanes

Antisemitism: A Reference guide is the 1st reference paintings to provide a world survey of antisemitism that is going past its historical past to bare the roots and nature of antisemitism. Exploring how antisemitism has manifested itself in numerous international locations from pre-Christian instances to state-of-the-art ongoing Palestinian Intifada, which has prompted serious reactions in Arab and Muslim groups world wide, this precise paintings lines the background of the hatred of Jews worldwide.Approximately 20 biographical sketches profile advocates of antisemitism resembling William Marr, who coined the time period "antisemitism," and rivals of antisemitism equivalent to St. Anselm and Martin Luther King. during this critical but available quantity, scholars, students, executive officers, and diplomats will detect the solutions to such perplexing questions as "What is antisemitism?" and "How does antisemitism relate to racism and to crew prejudice in general?"

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Israel, as the product of nineteenthcentury European nationalism (so the analysis goes), acts as the ideology of nationalism suggests that sovereign states should and do act: it is ready to employ the force of arms to defend the nation’s interests. This behavior is what disturbs many Europeans; it strikes their postnationalist sensibilities as retrograde and racist. Israel squares off against the Arabs in the same benighted manner as the French used to against the Germans. Hence, European antisemitism.

The unprecedented persecutions and massacres of Jews by Christians increased manyfold the level of tension between the two communities. The Crusades revealed the physical danger in which the Jewish communities then existed and, more important, the impotence of their ecclesiastical masters in protecting them. There began now a period of intermittently recurring massacre and persecution that marked European Jewish experience for many centuries. The Crusades became firmly imprinted in the historic consciousness of the Jews as the symbol of all subsequent tragedy that would befall them.

The second point is that antisemitism during Greek and Roman times was not a function of theological imperatives or racialist ideologies, as it became during Christian or modern periods. 28 Historical Narrative and Chronology The Christian World Anti-Jewish themes manifested themselves early in Christianity’s first centuries and were constant and uniform. As the church in the first century of its existence expanded into the Gentile world and became less recognizably “Jewish” with respect to beliefs and practices, attitudes vis-à-vis Judaism became embedded in theology.

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