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By Rex A. Dunham

The genetic development of fish for aquaculture and similar fisheries is a box of analysis that has visible big advances in recent times. but there was no booklet which supplies an obtainable evaluate of the topic previously. The e-book fills this hole within the literature. The contents contain polyploidy, sex-reversal and breeding, gene mapping and advertisement functions.

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This is also a relatively slow procedure, but increases accuracy and the information generated. When the correct marker alleles are available for dimeric isozymes, diploids display a 1 : 2 : 1 banding pattern and triploids, as demonstrated in brown trout (Crozier and Moffett, 1989a), have a 4 : 4 : 1 staining ratio. In the case of brown trout ϫ brook trout hybrids, triploids could be distinguished from diploids by examining the relative contribution of the maternal alleles, which should be double that of the paternal alleles for most, but not all, isozyme loci (Scheerer and Thorgaard, 1987).

1999). Triploid European sea bass, D. , 2001b). One explanation for the examples of slower growth in triploids is that the larger cell size of triploids may be compensated for by a decrease in total cell number (Muntzung, 1936). This probably results from a reduced mitotic rate in triploids (Astaurov, 1940). Another potential cause for slowed growth in juvenile triploids may be the effects of the triploid induction treatment (Myers, 1986). Kafiani et al. (1969) and Newport and Kirschner (1982) have shown that initiation of the mid-blastula transition is dependent on the nucleus/cytoplasm ratio.

Hussain et al. (1995) did not detect differences between triploid and diploid Nile tilapia for biochemical composition. , 1988). After maturation, fat in the muscle decreased rapidly for all treatments except that triploids fed a high-fat diet continued to accumulate fat in the muscle. , 1987). Female triploid tench had large visceral fat deposits and males had fat deposits along the connective-tissue capsule (Flajshans, 1997). -H. , 1989b). The neutral lipid triglyceride was higher in the triploids and in the diploids during the non-spawning season in the belly and dorsal muscles compared with the diploids during the spawning season, but the glycolipid and the phospholipid phosphatidylcholine were lower for triploids and diploids of the non-spawning season compared with diploids in the spawning season.

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