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By Ignace J. Gelb, A. Leo Oppenheim, Erica Reiner

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265, also, with var. i-bu-uk-ma Winckler Sar. pl. 33:79 and 34:122; Ursa la ddir mdmit ildni rabiti a-bi-ku den SamaS who did not respect the oath sworn by the great gods, who broke the treaty (lit. reversed the decision sworn) by Samas AfO 14 p. 46 col. ), cf. KUD-'u(personal name) BE 14 126:4 (MB); hitatiula mina a-bu-uk-ma ami, gillassu I forgave (lit. ) his countless sins, disregarded his crime Winckler Sar. pl. 32:51, cf. Lie Sar. 89; sere maltakati dannutu Ierulanummaul ib-bak- -p1-ti (= ibbak[Sund]ti) (these are) reliable, well tested omens, no other omen will upset them KAR 151:7, cf.

H. Layard, Discoveries among Discoveries the Ruins of Nineveh and Babylon Late Babylonian Astronomical and LBAT Related Texts, copied by T. G. Pinches and J. N. Strassmaier, prepared for publication by A. J. Sachs, with the cooperation of J. Schaumberger Le Gac Asn. Y. Le Gac, Les Inscriptions d'Assur-nasir-aplu III Legrain TRU L. Legrain, Le temps des rois d'Ur LehmannF. F. C. , Haupt CIC Corpus inscriptionum chaldicarum Lenormant F. Lenormant, Choix de textes Choix cuneiformes inedits ou incompletement publids jusqu'a ce jour Lidzbarski M.

Supp. syll. syn. Syr. Tigl. Tn. trans. translat. translit. Ugar. uncert. unkn. unpub. v. var. wr. WSem. x x x xxxvi Standard Babylonian Seleucid Semitic Sennacherib Shalmaneser singular status constructus Sumerian supplement syllabically synonym(ous) Syriac Tiglathpileser Tukulti-Ninurta I transitive translation transliteration Ugaritic uncertain unknown unpublished verb variant written West Semitic number not transliterated illegible sign in Akk. illegible sign in Sum. ; that, those, the afore-mentioned; NB; Aram.

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