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By Philip José Farmer

Paul Janus Finnegan was once referred to as Kickaha at the man made universes created by way of that often fueding super-race often called the Lords. even though he was once a mortal Earthman, he had controlled to outlive each intrigue, struggle, try and opponent they can devise.

But it was once while he chanced on his as far back as his personal global that Kickaha confronted the best hazards of his adventure-filled profession. For he knew the secrets and techniques of the powers that moved the cosmos, and this made him a hazard -- a objective of the negative hidden forces contending for this very universe.

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Amazing,” Konstantin said. ” Rojas shook her head with exaggerated sadness. “The tragedy is, those programs are mainly for poorer areas where a good many of the citizens may have other problems such as illiteracy, and don’t know better. Key West doesn’t qualify for a program like that because it would be government-subsidized and Key West obviously has too much money. But also, all of the residents are well educated, which means they aren’t prejudiced because they don’t know any better. They simply choose to exercise their constitutional right to the pursuit of happiness.

Rojas aimed the barrel straight up and pulled the trigger. A stream of water sprayed out. ” Konstantin thought she should have felt relieved but for some reason, she didn’t. “Not just any squirt gun,” Rojas chuckled. ” Konstantin didn’t dare shake her head, in case it made her dizzy. “How can a squirt gun be illegal? ” Rojas frowned in bewilderment, took a closer look at it, and then shrugged. “Possibly, but that’s not the problem. Not the problem of record, anyway. It’s illegal because it’s so realistic, a well-meaning officer of the law -- myself, for example -- could mistake it for the real thing when found in the hands of a well-meaning if playful citizen, and shoot said citizen dead.

She started to climb up over them again and then paused, looking over her shoulder at Konstantin and Celestine as she balanced with one hand on an assistant’s head and her knee on another assistant’s shoulder. “I really hope this wasn’t a waste of time. ” “Hastings Dervish lives on Key West,” DiPietro told her as she sat down. “That’s one of the islands just off the--” “I know where Key West is,” Konstantin said, not unkindly, pulling open a drawer and then forgetting what she wanted in it. “Not exactly in our neighborhood, much less in our jurisdiction.

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