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By Nobuko Gerth

Dieses Jahrbuch veröffentlicht erstmalig - in englischer Sprache- die zusammenhängende Biografie des Sozialwissenschaftlers Hans Gerth. Es ist das intellektuelle Porträt eines der letzten Mannheim-Schüler und namhaften sozialwissenschaftlichen Emigrées und zugleich angesichts des verarbeiteten bisher unbekannten Korrespondenzmaterials ein Zeitdokument ersten Ranges.

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S7 Many of them later made names for themselves in America and Europe, and such a list of names would indeed be long. He wrote that every one of them was an individual with a difficult character of his own. It was modern to use the term "neurotic," referring to the complexity of thinking in the think-tank ambiance of the university. Sociology at that time was still a fresh science, and Mannheim's Sociology of Knowledge "plowed the field like with a plowshare,,,s8 giving students a chance to form their intellectual thinking free from traditional sciences.

Elias must have been a kind and gentle man with excellent teaching skills. He was said to be universally liked and sought after by students of Mannheim's circle. Indeed, it was said that the center of the circle was not Mannheim, but Elias. Mannheim, too, was a good pedagogue: " ... he expected solid intellectual exertion, without demanding it ... ,,62 Yet it was Elias who sat with students who had trouble understanding Mannheim's lectures. He spent countless hours with those who were working on their doctoral dissertations, helping them with the choice of themes and guiding them throughout.

Jahrhunderts. Ein Beitrag zur Soziologie des deutschen Frühliberalismus (The social position of bourgeois intelligentsia at the turn of the 18 th century: a contribution to the sociology of early German liberalism) 79 80 81 A study done by Dr. E. Y. S. Military Govemment, E-5 Land Greater Hesse in 1946. Gerth and Hartshorne were friends in Harvard, and Gerth often referred to this study. The study is not available. Greffrath, 66f. Claudia Honegger, "Die ersten Soziologinnen in Frankfurt," Sozialwissenschaften in Frankfurt, 94.

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