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By Julius Novick (auth.)

Beyond the Golden Door is the 1st e-book dedicated to exhibiting how Jewish playwrights of the 20th century have dramatized the Jewish stumble upon with the US. Questions dealt inside of this research contain - How do you stability previous international history with new international chance? What does it suggest to be a Jew - or to be an American, for that matter?

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Uncle Mendel in The Melting-Pot, who so fiercely opposes David’s marriage to a Gentile, is clearly a surrogate father; Mendel’s old mother weeps because he and David must violate the Sabbath. Even in Welcome Stranger, which is mainly concerned with other matters, the evidence that forces Whitson/Wolfson to acknowledge his Jewishness is a letter in Yiddish from his mother. And to break away from the Jewish home is, to a greater or lesser degree, to break away from Jewishness. In the words of the French Jewish writer Alain Finkielkraut, In Christian society, the Jewish family and Jewish nation are two indistinguishable structures: leaving one in any way means deserting the other.

B. Du Bois says that the “American Negro” yearns “to merge his double self into a better and truer self. ” That is what Jack wants: I came home because I thought I could bring together all the things in my life that are dear to me, that made me happy from the time when I was a little kid till now— singing and playing in the streets—the East Side—shooting craps—baseball—my mama—my papa—the synagogue,—and now my work in the theatre. “Singing and playing in the streets”—that great school of American-ness, the streets.

The children, Sammy and Rosie [said Berg], were myself, my cousins, my own children, and some parts of all the friends I had grown up with. . trying to make sense out of growing up in one world, America, but coming from another, the European world of their parents. They were being pulled by the new and held back by the old. ] It was a difficult position, even for two nice children. . Sammy and Rosie were important to The Goldbergs because they helped to teach their immigrant parents how to become Americans.

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