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By Dr. Peter S. Ruckman

Numbers, like shades, have common importance. The mathematical phenomena offered right here turn out the Bible to be supernaturally encouraged, written, and preserved.

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D. and the Second Advent in the fall (September or October) at the Feast of Tabernacles when the Lord Jesus is coming to set up His Millennial kingdom on this earth in the year 2000. I realize that this comes under the heading of date setting to some people so I'll not go on any further, but there is definitely something to it. , began to talk more about the Second Coming of Christ, so we begin to talk about it now at the beginning of the next Millennial period, except the first time is always the faux pas--the false or feinted movement--the second time is always the real thing.

Notice the same thing in Leviticus 12:3; 14:10; 14:23; 15:14; 15:29 and so forth and so on, and notice that circumcision is an eight-day ritual. Anybody who studies circumcision in the Bible knows immediately what is involved. Circumcision is a type of a new creature. The cutting is in connection with a man's seed. The circumcision of Christ that makes a man a new creature in Christ is found in Colossians 2, and this circumcision in the Old Testament took place on the eighth day. Paul says this about himself in Philippians 3:5.

And we, according to His promise, look for new heavens and a new earth. Now if you'll go back through and count, there are seven earths. The new heavens and the new earth is the eighth, and this is the law of music and art. As a matter of fact it is the law of nature. Nature does nothing by ten's. It does everything by seven's. If you are a male or female you have seven members to your body, the body being the trunk. The trunk of the body, the body proper, has seven members protruding from it. Male or female, you have seven members.

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