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By David L. Pulver

"Big Robots, Cool Starships" is the multi-genre mecha layout and wrestle complement for the "Big Eyes, Small Mouth" jap anime RPG and the Tri-Stat process. The ebook includes the mandatory mechanics to run a mecha-heavy crusade that includes the exploits of angst-ridden robotic pilots, modern wrestle cyborgs, daring starship captains, and a unlimited variety of different anime mecha archetypes. yet it does not cease there! BRCS is satisfactorily versatile to permit gamers and GMs to layout and stat-out approximately any robotic, car, constitution, or tremendous monster from any style in an issue of mins -- from motor motorcycles to area stations, mecha dragons to pirate ships. All this from a versatile construction process that minimizes overly-complex video game mechanics and maximizes your artistic strength!

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A mecha can have several different items of special equipment, but each item must be acquired individually. Thus, having both a sound system and a sick bay would cost 4 Mecha Points; having a science lab and a sick bay would cost 6 Mecha Points. If the special equipment is very big (for example, a sickbay or science lab), the mecha requires an appropriate Awkward Size Defect (page 46). Level 1 The equipment offers a small advantage, such as a sound surveillance system, a sick bay, extendible arms, or flare-proof sensors (-5 bonus to rolls to resist Flare attacks).

By assigning the 2 MBP version of this Defect and no other form of movement, characters can create houses, buildings, and star bases. Big Robots, Cool Starships 1 MBP 2 MBP Road-Bound. The mecha is designed to operate only on roads or similar smooth terrain. It travels at 1/2 (or less) of ground speed when travelling off-road, and gets stuck in very rough terrain. No Ground Movement. The mecha cannot move at all over normal ground. Exception: mecha with airplane-style movement may taxi on smooth runways during a landing or takeoff.

For every 5 points of damage delivered to the mecha, the operator loses 1 Health Point. Full Damage. The mecha operator receives the equivalent damage that the mecha sustains. Noisy The mecha generates plenty of noise while in operation. A mecha that is only useable in space (only type of movement is provided by the Space Flight or Star Drive Sub-Attributes) may not be Noisy. While on or under water, a noisy mecha is also detected by underwater sensors at double (1 MBP) or quadruple (2 MBP) normal range.

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