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Flowering and fruiting are often critically dependent on the length of daylight, or photoperiod, and long-day plants will not flower or reproduce in the tropics, for example. Fogg (51, pp. 261-273) has given a useful introductory survey of the effects of modifying photoperiods in growth chambers; the number of hours of illumination, not the intensity of the light, seems to be the critical factor in the initiation of flowering and fruiting. Finally, the determination of biological response times to environmental 42 2/Sampling of the Atmosphere: Time Considerations stress is a major consideration in many investigations.

In principle, soil and vegetation maps should be "mirrors of the normal climate of a region" (69, p. 953), and Hare (69) considers the search for precise relationships to be one of the most important challenges of modern climatology. Postglacial shifts in the major biotic regions have long been assumed to be associated with shifts in climatic patterns. " Bryson has delineated climatic regions from analysis of air masses rather than from mean values of individual meteorological elements or from biological data.

Figure 19 shows isopleths of snowfall in two * Variations in temperature are not too important provided that the wet-bulb value is constant. 2. Micrometeorology 47 FIG. 19. Snowfall in centimeters in a courtyard (right) and in a partially enclosed court (left) in Montreal, December 28, 1964; ground was bare prior to the storm; snowfall in an adjacent open football field was a uniform 10 cm (P. Denison, personal communication). adjacent courtyards in Montreal (P. Denison, personal communication).

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