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By Zhenjiang Li, Xiaojun Ji, Suli Kan, Hongqun Qiao, Min Jiang (auth.), G. T. Tsao, Pingkai Ouyang, Jian Chen (eds.)

Past, current, and destiny business Biotechnology in China, through Zhenjiang Li, Xiaojun Ji, Suli Kan, Hongqun Qiao, Min Jiang, Dingqiang Lu, Jun Wang, He Huang, Honghua Jia, Pingkai Ouyuang, and Hanjie Ying; natural chemical compounds from Bioprocesses in China, by way of Jin Huang, Lei Huang, Jianping Lin, Zhinan Xu, and Peilin Cen; Biofuels in China, via Tianwei Tan, Jianliang Yu, Jike Lu, and Tao Zhang; Bioreactors and Bioseparation, via Siliang Zhang, Xuejun Cao, Ju Chu, Jiangchao Qian, and Yingping Zhuang; Environmental Biotechnology in China, by way of Shuang Jiang Liu , Lei Liu , Muhammad Tausif Chaudhry , Lei Wang , Ying Guang Chen , Qi Zhou , He Liu , and Jian Chen; conventional chinese language Biotechnology, by way of Yan Xu , Dong Wang , Wen Lai Fan , Xiao Qing Mu, and Jian Chen; sleek Biotechnology in China, by way of Qing-Zhao Wang and Xue-Ming Zhao

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Oryzae), and the apparatus for example the fermentor can be greater in dimension than that used for aerobic fermentation, facilitating large-scale production. The fermentation temperature of B. coagulans is 45–55 C (37 C for R. oryzae), at which temperature the fermentation medium can be directly fermented even without sterilization, so that the in situ extraction of lactic acid becomes more economical and feasible. , can be used in the fermentation production of L-lactic acid [56]. A D-lactic acid-producing strain with high optical purity of product was screened as the original strain, and a mutant with high sugar tolerance was obtained after multiple mutagenesis via nitrogen ion beam implantation.

Was fermented to produce D-lactic acid with a yield of 140 g/L and an optical purity of above 99%. The conversion rate of glucose was above 98% [57]. 6 L-Citramalic L-citramalic Acid acid is a chiral building block, which can be used to synthesize pharmaceutical intermediates. Starting from itaconic acid, L-citramalic acid was prepared via enzymatic method with Alcaligenes xylosoxydans. The yield was up to 65 g/L, the molar conversion rate was up to 93%, and the optical purity was as high as 99%.

Since the 1990s, China has developed high-speed growth in its economy. 68 trillion) in 2006. 525 billion tons coal equivalent was consumed. With the decreasing amount of fossil resources worldwide, China is facing an austere energy and resources crisis to satisfy its continuously increasing consumption based on its GDP. Therefore, it is extremely urgent for China to seek alternative energy and resources. With many advantages, such as enhancing the octane value of gasoline, reducing emissions of hydrocarbons, nitrogen oxides, and VOCs, and no need for engine modifications, bioethanol is thought of as the most promising candidate.

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