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By Lisa Block De Behar

Lisa Bock de Behar explores the trope of citation within the works of Jorge Luis Borges.

Borges cites innumerable authors within the pages making up his life's paintings, and innumerable authors have pointed out and proceed to quote him. greater than a determine, then, the citation is an essential component of the material of his writing, a cloth made anew by means of every one interpreting and every re-citation it undergoes, within the unending throes of a work-in-progress. Block de Behar makes of this interpreting a plea for the very artwork of communique; a tradition that takes group no longer within the totalized and totalizable soil of pre-established definitions or essences, yet at the ineluctable repetitions that represent language as such, and that warrantly the expansiveness-through etymological coincidences of which means, via old contagions, via translinguistic sharings of specific experiences-of a definite index of universality.

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Logos as origin and foundation of being converts the Gutres, converts their credulity into credence. In “The Gospel According to Mark,” Borges presents a sacred parody of conversion via the word: the revealed logos reveals, mediating between man and things, erasing the differences between nature/culture, country/city, barbarity/civilization. Perhaps Borges would have shared the fantasy that Walter Benjamin creates on the basis of Angelus Novus— a painting made by Paul Klee that belonged to him—as to the determining force of names that, in addition to representing the secret personal identity of the individual, conditions his or her biography and work.

54 Borges’s is not the Gospel According to Mark but “The Gospel According to Mark,” and the precise mention of the article, from the title, initiates the process of actualization. The reading actualizes the text: from ideal to real, from possibility to action, from archetype to particular type, from a past to a present, on the basis of an original, the copy; but in this case, the copy is also an origin. ” Model of action, it reflects itself in the story as in a mirror, faithful and inverted, and in this way the paradoxes begin to appear.

There they meet, by way of the coincidences that reading propitiates, as if they had made a “date” (cita/quote); Benjamin and Blanqui meet like that, by droit de “citer,” a right of the city, as if the city itself had given them a date, a sentimental date among other dates, one for the two of 36 Borges them. 31 Benjamin will no longer distance himself from the political, poetic, ethical imagination, seduced as he is by the strength of a heroic figure: emblematic of the permanent revolution. . ” Despite the oppression and prison, Blanqui puts down neither arms nor convictions, imagining at the same time the infinite plurality of different worlds.

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