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By Evan-Moor Educational Publishing, Jo Ellen Moore

In development Spelling talents, Grade three, scholars will study 15 spelling phrases every week (450 total). 3 sentences for dictation are supplied for every record. Spelling lists contain the next: * contractions * blends * vowel sounds * prefixes and suffixes * compound phrases * contractions * phrases with silent letters and homophones * consonant digraphs The perform pages comprise the subsequent: * the spelling record with areas to learn, write, and spell every one be aware * visible reminiscence workouts * observe which means (filling in lacking spelling phrases in sentences, crossword puzzles, synonyms/antonyms) * workouts with phonetic components * modifying for spelling Reproducible varieties contain: * spelling list shape * person spelling checklist * spelling attempt shape * spelling checklist shape * be aware variety shape * mother or father letter

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Carry 8. ovv 9. ziper ©2002 by Evan-Moor Corp. missed balloon pertty eter different patern cerry off zippir 49 mised ballon preddy letter diferent pattern karry uff zipper Building Spelling Skills, Grade 3 • EMC 2707 Building Spelling Skills Name: Word Meaning 7 Fill in the missing words. 1. Did you study for the test? 2. We sailed on the River. 3. I bought a shiny red 4. The for my little sister. on her jacket broke. 5. Will you help me this box into the house? 6. Who wrote you that ? 7. I went to a school last year.

Mother cut out the added middle pretty Write sentences with ©2002 by Evan-Moor Corp. for a new dress she is making. balloon missed spelling carry off still and different Mississippi willing pattern letter zipper . 50 Building Spelling Skills, Grade 3 • EMC 2707 Building Spelling Skills Name: Word Study 7 Phonics Answer these questions. 1. What sound is made by the suffix ed in these words? missed added spelled 2. Which of the spelling words fit this rule? In most words with two or more syllables, the final y has the sound of long e.

Happened 2. What is happening on that television program? That is the same thing that came on the last show. coming to the band concert? 3. Who is Many people to hear us play last year. smiling 4. Karen smiled when she opened the front door. Why was she Write sentences with ©2002 by Evan-Moor Corp. and . 54 Building Spelling Skills, Grade 3 • EMC 2707 Building Spelling Skills Name: Word Study 8 Verb Tense Write the past tense of these words. Circle the irregular verbs. 7. smile 8. have 9. receive 10.

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