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By Patrick Kapera, Marcelo Figueroa, Les Simpson, Marshal Smith, Kevin Wilson, Kevin Boerwinkle, Jim Pi

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Also of note is Montoya’s son, Captain Jorge Vasquez del Zepeda, who commands an artillery battery in the western sector of La Muralla. Classically, Zepedas are incredibly pious and isolationist, the remnants of a Vaticine colony established following the Heros War. Most inland Castillians see their holdings as the “wilds” of the nation, far away from anyhng that matters. The Zepeda’s sudden shift to the front line of the war with Montaigne has forced both their own nobility and that of the central basin to reassess their relationship.

Aldana” is her paternal family name (and likely the region of Castille where she grew up). “De Ontiveros” sipfies that she is married to a noble of the Ontiveros family. “Del Castillo” signdies that she is from Castille. Non-Nobles Given Name - Paternal Family Name - de - Native Region - del - Native Country ex. Juan Garcia de Vasquez del Castillo “Juan”is his given name, and “Garcia” is his father’s family name. “De Vasquez” signifies that he is from Rancho Vasquez in eastern Casde, and/or serves the noble Vasquez family.

This oners of La Bucca erating as a prison. pirates who escaped the yoke of and they have ruthlessly pillaged the first hours of each new year. pride as possible, the bullfighters next station themselves beneath an observing balcony, where the hosting nobility are seated. They salute the hosts, commonly by taking off their montera (a wide-brimmed hat, much like a sombrero) in the direction of the highest-ranking noble (females are favored first in such cases). This salute is called the brindis.

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