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By Walter Bohm, Peter Siebert

The British Royal Armoured Corps (RAC) used to be shaped greater than 60 years in the past. The devices of the RAC made their contribution to the tip of the chilly battle through scuffling with within the Gulf warfare, preserving peace in Bosnia and Kosovo, and assisting civil authority at domestic in Northern eire. The RAC, which gives the tank strength to the British military, is at the present time composed of 8 Challenger 1 and a couple of regiments. whilst the British military wanted a alternative for the Chieftain tank fleet, it selected the ill-fated Shir Iran 2 MBT which used to be constructed for Iran. changes have been made and the hot better model was once named Challenger. the 1st Challenger 1s have been dropped at the British military in 1983. The Challenger 1 is armed with the L11A5 120mm rifled gun, weighted sixty two plenty, and has a group of 4. through the Gulf struggle, Challenger tanks destroyed three hundred enemy major conflict tanks and an unknown variety of armored autos. additional ameliorations to the Challenger led to the Challenger 2 which has brand new armor, mobility, firepower, and fireplace regulate know-how. the most weapon is the straightforward to deal with 120mm L30 allure Gun. the 1st Challenger 2s have been dropped at the RAC in 1998 and a complete of 386 Challenger 2s will equip the British military through the 12 months 2002.

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It was the British RAC's intention to train the tank crews as well as possible for the most modern British main battle tank. (Walter Bbhm) The heart of ­ Challenger 2's control system is upgraded versior the newest genera~ ': of digital compute r ,, :-­ Canadian CompLJ: ­ Devices. The syster­ a modernized ver~ : of the computer use: the US M1A1 M ~ ­ (Walter Bbhm) 36 _ =1 the year 2002, the British RAC would have obtained a total of 386 Challenger 2s. In 1999, the Scots DG received 44 tanks for the regiment.

Scots DG labors during the up-arming of their Challenger 2. Notice the upgraded two-piece British tank ammunition . The ammunition stock of the Challenger 2 consists of 50 rounds, a mixture of APFSDS, HESH and smoke . The charge cases are stored in armored bins below the turret ring . 62mm rounds of ammuniL~ diffe rent racks. " Troop of "C" S :>. Scots DG tests ~- . :-:;: 9 in the Bergen-H(->' area. The Rc , Ordnance 55 ca lf: L30 high-press. rifled gun has a rar , of up to nine kilome :~ (6 miles).

Since 1971 the British Army has trained in the huge unpopulated 1,609-square kilometer (1,000­ square mile) Canadian training area. (SSGT McFarlane) 46 .... , Scots C:: Exercise "Medicine Man 3", 8 ~ ­ Canada, July 1999. :' _ "Red Check Fire", the gun ::~ being elevated for range ~ o. ' BATUS is located on the Ca r-== prairie near Calgary. At BATUS ': vehicle is given an individual r . ­ or "Zap code" for easier iden i i;' :;~ during the training. Ahead of : ' 0 "22", at the very front of the siG ~ ~ the Zap code "208" is paintec on a black background.

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