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28 B. Chapter 2 Uniqueness The results of the foregoing procedure are not unique, because the reciprocal of each group is just as valid as the initial group. In fact, any combination of these groups will be dimensionless and will be just as valid as any other combination as long as all of the original variables are represented among the groups. Thus these four groups can be replaced by any other four groups formed by a combination of these groups, and, indeed, a different set of groups would have resulted if we had used a different set of reference variables.

The process will be Dimensional Analysis and Scale-up 25 explained by means of an example, and the results will be used to illustrate the application of dimensional analysis to experimental design and scale-up. A. PIPELINE ANALYSIS The procedure for performing a dimensional analysis will be illustrated by means of an example concerning the flow of a liquid through a circular pipe. In this example we will determine an appropriate set of dimensionless groups that can be used to represent the relationship between the flow rate of an incompressible fluid in a pipeline, the properties of the fluid, the dimensions of the pipeline, and the driving force for moving the fluid, as illustrated in Fig.

Bar of gold (100% pure), at a cost of $400/oz. Because the bar was weighed in air, you conclude that you got a bargain, because its true mass is greater than 5 oz due to the buoyancy of air. 9000 g/cm3, what is the actual value of the bar based upon its true mass? 7. You purchased 5 oz of gold in Quito, Ecuador (g ¼ 977:110 cm/s2), for $400/oz. You then took the gold and the same spring scale on which you weighed it in Quito to Reykjavik Iceland (G ¼ 983:06 cm/s2), where you weighed it again and sold it for $400/oz.

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