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By Nora Roberts

Romance novel maven Nora Roberts delves into the area of gothic fable with MORRIGAN'S pass, the epic story of a sorcerer who needs to assemble 5 different adventurers to do conflict with an old vampire.

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I thought you were gone. ” “I‟m not, as you can plainly see. Go back where you came from, Hoyt. ” He lifted his tunic. ” Cian‟s gaze drifted over them, then back to Hoyt‟s face. ” This time the amusement burst out in laughter. “There are no gods here. No God. No faerie queens. ” “Adjustment is survival. Money is god here, and power its partner. I have both. ” “The one who made you. ” Chapter 3 L ilith. The name brought Cian flashes of memories, a hundred lifetimes past. He could still see her, smell her, still feel that sudden, horrified thrill in the instant she‟d taken his life.

Kneeling beside him, she laid her hand on his brow, her touch as cool and soothing as spring rain. She smelled of the forest, earthy and secret. For one mad moment, he longed to simply lay his head upon her breast and sleep with that scent filling his senses. “You‟re burning up. ” She wavered in his vision a moment, then recrystallized. Her eyes were as green as the goddess‟s, but her touch was human. “Who are you? ” “Elderflower, yarrow. No cayenne? ” He watched as she busied herself, as women would, dipping water from the well, heating it with his fire.

That‟s an improvement,” King observed. ” “It‟s a zipper. ” He pushed to his feet. “Cain‟s gone on down to the club. It‟s after sunset. ” “You‟re burned? ” “No. Shit. He terminated my employment. He‟ll get over it. He goes, I go. ” “He‟s right—sooner or later. ” King‟s odd eyes went grim. “Yeah, yeah, that‟s right. Well, it‟s this way. I don‟t figure to sit around and wait for one to do it to me. He‟s right, there‟s been rumbling. ” A giant of a man, Hoyt thought, of fearsome face and great strength.

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