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Billing Info & FAQ

Video: How to Pay/View Invoices on the Member Portal and Setup AutoPay.


Primary vs Secondary Membership

The only difference between Primary and Secondary membership is which association is paying your State and National dues. Your Primary association collects your dues for the state and national level, and forward that to the appropriate association. Your Secondary association only collects local dues.

Primary Member Fee Schedule: CLICK HERE

Secondary Member Fee Schedule: CLICK HERE

Billing Due Dates

  Due Date Cutoff Date
Annual Dues* January 1st January 25th
MLS 1st Quarter January 1st January 25th
MLS 2nd Quarter April 1st April 15th
MLS 3rd Quarter July 1st July 15th
MLS 4th Quarter October 1st October 15th
Supra 25th of each month 25th of the following month
All invoices are added in the 4Q of the previous year so they can be paid ahead if you choose.
IDX Charges, if any, are due and billed the same as MLS Quarterly dues.